The Spring & Mulberry Basket
The Spring & Mulberry Basket
The Spring & Mulberry Basket
The Spring & Mulberry Basket

The Spring & Mulberry Basket

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This basket is to be enjoyed after dinner, to cleanse the palette of our sins, and extend the pleasure of a quality meal just a little while longer. 

Sarah & Kathryn founded Spring & Mulberry with the simple idea of using pristine ingredients to add depth and natural sweetness to a beloved indulgence; the chocolate bar. This week, they launched the fennel, almond, and white mulberry bar, a new addition that doesn't just cleanse the palette, it titillates it. Always intrigued by interesting combinations of flavor, it was a joy to curate this basket of indulgences to pair with the new Spring & Mulberry White Mulberry, Almond, and Fennel chocolate bar. Enjoy during appertivi, and whatever comes after.

Tasting Notes of the chocolate bar:

White mulberries, crisp almonds, and verdant fennel seeds sit atop our rich, date-sweetened dark chocolate, offering up subtle notes of milk, anise, and honeyed nectar.

The following provisions are included in this basket:

- 1 fennel stalk

- 1 Moro blood orange

- 2 Sorrento lemons

- 2 bunches of jammy Concord grapes

- Handful of mandarinquats

- Handful of poetic satsumas

- 1 jar of castelvetrano olives

- 1 jar of fresh ricotta

- 1 pack of fennel tarrali

- 1 sachet of dried white mulberries

- 1 sachet of smoked almonds